Live Oak: Squared up with Sphero

Live Oak Elementary fourth graders in Mrs. Legg’s Class and Mrs. Jackson’s class were treated to a fun lesson that involved computer programming, robots, and critical thinking by Live Oak’s resident Instructional Technology Guru, Mr. Sosa this week.
Students were introduced to the Sphero Edu app and Sphero SPRK+ robot. With those tools they were challenged to have their spherical robot attempt to draw a square on the floor. Students used the blockly coding program within the Sphero Edu app to accomplish this task. Through the programming students learned to use directions in degrees, speed, delays and time to graph the “perfect” square. Working together students learned that you can use nontraditional units of measurement to make a square with programming.
“One feature that I love about the app is that after using the blockly coding, students can easily view it in Javascript to see a coding language that many computer programmers use”.-Mr. Sosa
Mr. Sosa was able to check out 12 of the Sphero SPRK+s from Round Rock ISD’s Instructional Technology Makerspace Checkout, but is hoping to someday get some for Live Oak to own.