Live Oak: Jackson Pollock with a Tech Twist

Live Oak Elementary art teacher Mrs. Sykula and instructional technology specialist Mr. Sosa teamed up to teach a technology rich art lesson last Friday.

Mrs. Sykula introduced the abstract artist, Jackson Pollock to all the students in grades k-5 at Live Oak Elementary. Through an animated short, “Art with Mati and Dada” students were able to get an inside look into Pollock’s creative process. They learned more about Action Jackson and how creating art can be fun and messy! Then Mr. Sosa took over to show them how the Spheros operate with an app on the ipads. He provided a demo on how students could use the Sphero to create their very own Jackson Pollock inspired art piece. After that students had free reign to create!

Check back soon to see how some of their art work turned out!